What Guys Do: 101 Male Masturbation Techniques

Orgasmic Guy

Why is it that masturbation so easily becomes a rut? Look at any porn site — or maybe in the mirror — and you’ll know what I mean. No 31 Flavors, right? Could it be because we don’t apply the same learning methods that we use for our golf swing, fishing strategy, or tax prep? If you don’t learn new technique, you never change your game.

Masturbation is natural, good-for-you, therapeutic, and definitely trendy, but it's also FUN. What Guys Do acquaints you with the fun contained in your own body that you likely overlooked a long time ago.

Now you do it. Simply download the book, shut off the phone, close the door and get naked. Can you learn? Can you change?

You Could Be Saying Things Like This:

  • “Dang, I didn’t know that was possible.”
  • “I’ve never felt this way before. I’ve never felt sexual pleasure quite like this.”
  • “My body is less of a mystery to me.”
  • “Learned the subtle changes a technique can make — like pleasuring a tiny spot on my penis can give me a mind-blowing experience.”
  • “I learned to slow down and enjoy masturbating in the moment rather than just getting off.”
  • “I’ll never jerk off the same way again.”
  • “I learned to know my body and how to move pleasure from only genitals to my whole body.”
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You'll get What Guys Do: 101 Male Masturbation Techniques Ebook

70 Pages
PDF viewable on any electronic device
101 Masturbation Techniques Cross-Referenced — A Technique for any occasion!
Color Photos not explicit — Text definitely not safe for work!

What Guys Do: 101 Male Masturbation Techniques

I want this!